Tuning & Voicing

Perfect Your Tone and Pitch with Voicing and Tuning in Richmond, VA

A smart pianist understands the importance of routine tuning. If you want your piano to sound its best, it’s prudent to have a professional periodically tune it to obtain the results you seek. Taylor Piano Restorations provides reliable piano tuning services in the Richmond, VA area.


To get the most out of your piano, regular tuning and voicing are vital. We tune your piano by adjusting the tension of the string to obtain the right pitch of up to A440. This will be necessary if you plan on using your piano for teaching, singing or playing with other instruments. We recommend regular piano tuning as often as every six months, though you may need it more frequently depending how often you use yours.

Pitch Raising

If you find that your piano has fallen flat or is raised too sharp, pitch raising may be required. This is typically necessary in cases where pianos have been exposed to vast changes in humidity, temperature, playing frequency or from loose tuning pins. Pianos that are regularly tuned typically won’t need pitch raising; however, we will provide a full inspection to let you know if this is necessary.

Voicing Piano

Voicing refers to tone regulation. We use various techniques to adjust the piano’s tone. In voicing, hammer felt is adjusted in its hardness, tension, surface and density to produce the right tonal qualities. This will range from mellow to bright depending on your needs. We use methods such as needling, filing, treating felt and squeezing felt to obtain the desired results.

Within our voicing piano services, we also provide:

  • Leveling String Services
  • Seating Strings on Hitch Pins
  • Seating Strings on Bridges
  • Seating Strings at Capo Bar

To learn more about how we can help you find the optimal tone for your piano, contact us.