Action & Key Work In Virginia

For your piano to produce clear, harmonic tones, its action assemble must be in good shape and properly aligned. However, from time to time a part of the action’s assembly may need to be replaced or reconditioned. Action reconditioning and repairs involve replacing and aligning the striking mechanism to make sure the piano’s tone sounds its best.

Action Replacement

Depending on the current state of your piano, you may need to have all or some of the parts replaced. These parts include the hammers, hammer flanges and shank, and wippens. From time-to-time, back action replacement may be necessary.

Damper Installation

Once new strings have been added during the restoration process for a piano, we also perform damper installation. This is done once the string tension assessment is complete. In addition, we clean the heads, wires and the old felt from the damper heads.  With time, damper adjustments may be needed.

Key Cleaning

We offer cleaning services for pianos with ivory keys. The key cleaning process entails sanding and polishing the ivory. What’s more, we will replace every broken and missing key top. Key bushings are also replaced if they are too worn, and the capstans are also cleaned.

Keyframe Reconditioning

Keyframe reconditioning is performed in preparation for key replacement before the regulation process. It involves cleaning the frames, polishing the pins and reinstalling the felt punching. Once it is completed, we then fit the frame into the key bed.

If you have any general or specific questions about piano restoration services, contact us.