TAYLOR PIANO RESTORATIONS is a piano company that has accumulated over 50 years of piano service to the state of Virginia by tuning, moving, rebuilding, and refinishing pianos.

The company’s origins go back to Ishmael G. Taylor (Pete), who studied piano technology in the late 1950’s in New York and later returned with a group of piano technicians to start the piano technicians’ guild here in Richmond. While working for himself, Pete Taylor also serviced pianos for Corley’s music, Gary Gee Music, and he was the Baldwin Piano tuner for almost 50 years.

Sons Barry and Greg would help Dad move pianos beginning as young teenagers at ages 11 and 13. At 15, Barry worked for George Dorflein’s Music, where he worked in the piano shop rebuilding and repairing pianos and also working on the moving crew, just as his Dad did before him.

After a tour in the Marine Band, Barry Taylor returned home to start working on pianos again. He worked in the rebuilding shop at Richmond Piano, installing pin blocks, restringing pianos, doing sounding board and action work.

In 1992, Barry started his own company, TAYLOR PIANO RESTORATIONS, where he began tuning, rebuilding, refinishing, and moving pianos with the help of his brother Greg. During this time, Barry also worked with his Dad servicing the Baldwin Pianos. In addition, Barry has spent many years working with the Steinway & Sons dealer, tuning and servicing Steinway pianos. Barry’s son, Jonathan, started working in the shop, moving pianos at a young age. Jonathan currently helps with restringing pianos, preparing ivory keys, action work, and refinishing pianos.