Piano Belly Work in Richmond, VA

The belly serves as the beating heart of the piano. It extends from the pins to the enclosure of the case. Taylor Piano Restorations provides a variety of belly work services for myriad types of pianos.  The amount of belly work done during the restoration process will depend on the current state of your piano and your exact needs.

Belly Work Types

Pinblock Replacement – The pinblock is a piece of hardwood located below the sound plate that carefully holds together the tuning pins. Over time, these holes will increase in size and the board becomes worn. When this happens, we offer pinblock replacement services with a new, custom-fitted hardboard to restore your piano’s optimal tuning.


Sound Board Repair and Finish – Traditional sound boards are made from spruce, with supporting ribs on the underside. Eventually, the boards may develop cracks and may loosen. Depending on the integrity of the original soundboard, repairs and finishes are performed with heat to locate cracks and splits, which are then repaired with spruce shims. The ribs are then glued back on the board and are given a visually pleasing new finish. However, in cases where the board is severely damaged, it will need to be replaced to improve the tone and sound quality of the piano.


Rebronzing Plate – To improve aesthetics, we offer rebronzing plate services. This involves cleaning the plate, sanding it, and applying primer and color to restore its beauty.


Repinning and Restringing –Repinning refers to the installation of new tuning pins. In some cases, it involves installing larger tuning pins to the original pinblock; in other instances, you’ll need to replace the pinblock as well. We also restring pianos with new strings and wires but are meticulous to maintain its original scale. New damper felt is also installed after the restringing process.


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