Refinishing for Beautiful Pianos in Richmond, VA

Now that you have repaired and restored your beautiful family heirloom or that majestic antique piano you love so much, don’t you think it’s time for refinishing? Taylor Piano Restoration provides piano refinishing services that will help yours look its absolute best.

The Benefits of Piano Refinishing Services

With time and repeated use, your piano’s finish will slowly wear away. The cabinet often shows damage, while scratches and chips can mar the finish. Fortunately, you can restore your prized piano and restore its natural beauty by having it sealed and professionally finished. We understand that some pianos have sentimental value, so we give your instrument the care and attention it needs when restoring it to its former glory.

Our Refinishing Process

We start the refinishing process by disassembling the piano and stripping case pieces and case fillers to the original wood. After, we sand cases pieces thoroughly to produce a beautiful, silky feel. Wood paste filler is then used to seal any pores before it forms to the base.

Next, we stain the wood to the right color before sealing and finishing using a hand rubbing method. In between coats of finish, fine-grit sandpaper is used to sand the wood before another coat of finish is added. Once the final coat of finish is layered, the entire cabinet is hand-polished to its desired sheen. The piano is then reassembled and delivered back to your home or business.

If you have any questions about the piano refinishing services we offer, contact us at your convenience.