Piano tuning

Piano Tuning in Richmond, VA


Piano tuning is an important part of maintaining your piano. Pianos are designed to be up to pitch at A440, which is the level of string tension in the piano that creates the correct pitch we should hear. Proper pitch is crucial if the piano is being used for piano lessons, singing accompaniment, or playing with other instruments. The tuners at our company for piano restoration in Richmond, VA, maintain this level of tension by tuning the piano on a regular schedule.

TAYLOR PIANO RESTORATIONS, along with leading piano manufacturers, recommends tuning every six months. However, pianos used more regularly require more frequent tuning. Changes in temperature and humidity also affect the instrument’s pitch since most of the piano is made of wood; regular six-month tuning helps offset these changes. We offer pre-scheduled tuning and reminder cards to help you take care of your piano so it always sounds good.

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Refinishing for Beautiful Pianos

Our company performs comprehensive piano refinishing to keep your instrument looking beautiful. While some degree of refinishing is always part of a restoration project, we also refinish pianos for those who just want to enhance the appearance of their piano. We inspect each piano to appraise it and make sure a simple refinishing job is enough to preserve the instrument’s function and value. Some pianos have sentimental value; we appreciate this, and we’ll protect yours whether it needs refinishing or more in-depth restoration. You can also depend on us for experienced piano restringing in Richmond, VA.


Refinishing includes cleaning the brass, replating the hardware, and replacing any missing decals, buttons, and screws. We start the refinishing process by stripping the piano parts and body down to a very clean original wood. Next, we sand the wood before adding wood paste filler. This fills the pores to give a level finish. After that, we stain the piano and start applying the finish. We sand between coats, and after the final coat, we hand-rub the finish. Finally, we reassemble the piano and deliver the finished product to your home.