Tips for Designing a Perfect Piano Room



Whether you don’t wish to bother the neighbors, or you don’t want to disturb other family members, sometimes you need to keep the noise from your piano to a minimum. Here are some tips for designing the perfect music room.

Choosing a Location

If you have the luxury of choosing from a few possible locations for your music room, it’s important to consider the surrounding rooms. You want your music room to be as far away from bedrooms and other quiet spaces like the office as possible. If your neighbors share a wall with you or live close by, it is also good to consider that as well.

Create Barriers

You’ve probably noticed that noises sound louder in empty rooms. A great way to muffle the sound of your piano is to create sound barriers. A thick carpet beneath the piano can do a lot to lessen the sound.


If you still have trouble muffling the sound of the piano, or you find the even the quieter sound is disturbing family members and neighbors, you can install soundproofing panels. These are available in a number of colors and styles.

Need Help Moving Your Piano?

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