Pianos for Sale in Richmond, VA

TAYLOR PIANO RESTORATIONS has been restoring pianos in Richmond, VA, for five decades. We are your full-service piano refinishing and restoration company. As a leading piano restoration company we offer high-quality pianos for sale that you can depend on. Our models for sale include all of the following brands:

  • Steinway & Sons
  • Winter Spinet
  • Whitney Console
  • Everett Studio Piano
  • Kimball Spinet

We are happy to answer any questions you may have on the models below. As we are in the business of piano tuning, inspections, assessments, and appraisals, we are thoroughly knowledgeable about the pianos we sell. We are well-known throughout the area for piano tuning in Richmond, VA and for restringing pianos in Richmond, VA. With so much experience servicing pianos, you can be sure that no detail has been overlooked on the piano you want to buy.  Click on the model below to see the image of the piano with the information you need.

Beautiful Steinway & Sons Grand model M, 5'7" in Length. Not a very old piano, holds tuning very good and stays at pitch. Plays great and has that wonderful Steinway tone. This was a one owner piano, well kept and maintained. For a great price, $12,500.00 includes, bench, tuning, delivery, tuning in your home.


This is a beautiful Steinway & Sons Grand piano model "M", 5'7" in length. A one owner piano, with some rebuilding work in the past. A very beautiful mahogany finish with ivory keys, piano has very good tuning stability and holds pitch at a 440. An excellent piano to have as an family heirloom. Price is $18,995.00 with delivery bench and tuning included, and a free tuning after it has been in your home.

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This is a beautiful Baldwin Hamilton, Studio size piano 45" tall, being a Baldwin it holds tuning great and pitch at a440. Plays good and has a beautiful tone. Delivery, tuning and service included and Free tuning in home after delivery. Price: $2500.00

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Beautiful Steinway & Sons grand model 'S', size 5'1" in length a beautiful red mahogany with matching bench with special bench cover. Ivory keys for that special touch, plays good and a great tone. Holds tuning great and pitch at A440. Delivery, tuning and service prior to delivery and free tuning in home. Price $16,995.00

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A Kimball Spinet, 36" tall Piano, a great start piano plays very good and holds tuning great. Price $595.00

Kimball Spinet


Baldwin Acrosonic Piano - Like new condition, holds tuning at A440 fantastic, well maintained and serviced, a one owner piano. Included delivery, tuning and bench, Free tuning in home after delivery. Price: $995.00

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Baldwin Acrosonic 2 - A great piano, a darker walnut color, like all Baldwins holds tuning at A440 great. Plays great and well maintained. Included Tuning,Bench, Delivery and free tuning in Home. Price: $995.00

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